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TempDB Contention
January 21, 2013
WITH Tasks AS ( SELECT session_id , wait_type , wait_duration_ms , blocking_session_id , resource_description Continue reading
January 17, 2013

---- Total waits are wait_time_ms<br /> Select signal_wait_time_ms=sum(signal_wait_time_ms)<br /> ,'%signal (cpu) waits' Continue reading
CXPacket Wait Type – Parallelism
January 13, 2013

O que a Microsoft diz sobre CXPacket Wait Type:

Occurs when trying to synchronize the query processor exchange iterator. You may Continue reading

Controling Fragmentation and Page Usage
December 13, 2012

Updating statistics (choose the best one...)

-- EXEC sp_updatestats -- Runs UPDATE STATISTICS against all user-defined and internal tables in the current Continue reading
CHAR, NCHAR, NVARCHAR… Usage and Performance
December 10, 2012

Here are the differences between the datatypes:

Character data types that are either fixed-length, nchar, or variable-length, nvarchar, Unicode data and Continue reading

Top 10 tables in a SQL Server database
November 10, 2012
CREATE TABLE #TableSizes ( TableName VARCHAR(255), TableRows INT, ReservedSpaceKB Continue reading
Microsoft Windows 7 Tuning
March 12, 2012
Command Prompt as Administrator:

Change the timeout on showing boot menu bcdedit /timeout 5 Disable hibernate powercfg -h off Disable services for Windows Search and Continue reading
How to automatically logon to Windows 7
February 12, 2012

Press Windows Key + R and type: netplwiz

At the User Accounts window :

Select the user account that you want Windows to Continue reading